Favorite places to visit

Interactive map

Winery “LAUSKIS”
Display of paintings by Vigeo Saule
Lucky Bear’s trail
The display of traditional Latvian musical instruments at „Skaņumāja”
The Juice House
Blacksmith’s workshop
Aizkraukle Evangelical Lutheran Church
„Klidzina” bistro- store and a restaurant
Rest site Satekas
Sarmite’s Stables
Cross-country skiing options in Skriveri
Hotel „Klidzina”
Nature park of the Daugava Valley
For cyclists and Nordic walkers
From the Dendrologic park to Skriveri
Places in Skriveri from the novel „The Green Land”
Residences of Andrejs Upits, the writer
Following the trace of Moss Village pals
Skriveri Nature Trails
Skriveri Home-made Ice-cream
„Skriveri Sweets”- sweets manufacturing facility
Biological Farm “Ragāres”
Skriveri milk-candy factory
Skriveri Dendrological Park
Aizkraukle castle-mound
Great Andrejs
Ravens’ stone or Devil’s stone
A.Upits’s memorial house and garden
Memorial place of Kurelians in Skriveri
IB creative workshop „Daugava”