Internet access points

Andrejs Upits’s Skrīveri public library, tel.: 65197460
Skrīveri Children’s library, tel..: 65197459 (during the open hours of the libraries in the building of Skrīveri Culture Centre at 1, A.Upīša Street.)

Free Wi-Fi access

The square of the railway station, petrol station „Virsi-A” (Riga-Daugavpils motorway A6), „Klidzina” bistro, The museum of Andrejs Upits, the council of Skriveri County, Skriveri Culture Centre, Andrejs Upits’s Skriveri Secondary School

Public transport

Bus-stop ‘Dendroloģiskais parks’ , directions of  Rīga and Daugavpils

Train travel from Skriveri railway station, directions of Riga and Daugavpils

Cashpoint (ATM)

Swedbank, inside  the store TOP, 97, Daugavas Street

Outpatient department

88A, Daugavas Street  Skrīveri, Skrīveri County., LV-5125
Contacts: tel.: 65197868 or 65197258, mobile: 26404524.

Stomatologist’s service, outpatient department

88A, Daugavas Street  Skrīveri, Skrīveri County., LV-5125
tel.: 65197868, 65197258


104, Daugavas Street , tel.: 65197230

Skrīveri railway station

Stacijas laukums; tel. 65116405

Skrīveri post office

3, Stacijas laukums, Skriveri

Skrīveri Culture Centre

1, A.Upīša Street, tel. 65197244

The council of the municipality of Skriveri County

59, Daugavas Street, tel.: 65197747

Petrol station

“Virši-A” , Zemkopības Institūts 2A (Rīga-Daugavpils motorway A6), tel.: 65197262