Winery “LAUSKIS”

Winery “LAUSKIS” was founded in 2019 and is located in Lēdmane parish, Krape manor. It is placed in vaulted cellars which are more than 300 years old. The name “LAUSKIS” was given for honoring Vilis Lauskis, who is the great grandfather of the winery owner. The wine is produced from local fruits and berries that are biologically grown in orchands next to the winery.

During the tour you can enjoy the wine tasting in mysterious and a bit spooky wine cellars. Also you will be able to see and hear about the wine making process.  After wine tasting you can take a walk into the old park of Krape manor where you can admire the giant oak trees and beautiful view of river.

Contact information:
Adress: “Lauski“, Krapesmuiža, Lēdmanes pag., Lielvārdes novads
Phone: +371 26052137,