Skriveri Nature Trails

Spidala Trail– the 400-metre trail winds along both banks of the Askere River and connects the motorway Riga-Daugavpils and Aizkraukle castle-mound which views the scenic landscape of Selija. In the deep and rocky dell a rare animal species can be found- the fat dormouse, also called the sleep mouse. The Fat Dormice Micro Reserve is located here.

Lucky Bear trail- the 800-metre trail starts at the masonry aqueduct well and winds around Lake Kalnamuiza also known as the Round Lake, which is artificially made. Walking along the trail round the lake on the northern side you can clearly see an elevated rampart which separates the lake from Old Lake. The lake is rich with spring waters. There are many tales on the originations of the lake; one of them is retold in the story „Pals of the Moss Village” by A.Upits. The lake has got two small islands, moulded with peaty earth. Even today, you can see the well by the lake, where the aqueduct started, supplying water for the kitchen, the bathroom and central heating system of the manor of Skriveri. The ancient water-pipe has been described by Andrejs Upits in his novel “At the Turn of the Epoch”.

Moss trail- the name of the 800-metre trail associates with the story „Pals of the Moss Village” by A.Upits. The characters of the story were wandering around in the surroundings of it, in search of the Lucky Bear. The trail curls up the hill and leads to Lake Kalnamuiza.

Lake trail- the 400-metre trail connects Lake Kalnamuiza, MedianTrail and Recreation Complex „Kriki”.