Skriveri Home-made Ice-cream

Address: Skrīveri, 96, Daugavas Street .
Telephone to arrange a visit: 28361561.
More information:

You are welcome to enjoy your time in a wonderful atmosphere of our cafe and to awaken your taste buds, explore the world of classical and unconventional tastes of ice-cream in a relaxed mood and experience something that other people only tell stories about!

You are offered to choose any of the 5 offers we have and, in the end, find out the story of the Ice-cream and other useful information.

Tourist groups have to arrange a visit in advance by telephone or e-mail. Excursions are also available in English and Russian, if negotiated in advance.

Being slightly hungry and curious is recommended!

There is an opportunity to have a rest, browse newspaper pages and enjoy a warm drink- a cup of tea or coffee.