From the Dendrologic park to Skriveri

The route is for active pedestrians and cyclists. The total distance covers approximately 6 km.
The Dendrologic Park- Klidzina- Skriveri

There is a possibility to include such sightseeing objects and rest-sites as “Ragares”, “Skriverui Food Factory” , Great Andrejs- the noble oak on Sprudu Hill, the restsite “Satekas”, the memorial museum-house and garden of Andrejs Upits, the creative workshop “RADADA”, “The Skriveri Sweets”, the Garden Festival “Art in Art” to get to know paintings by Vigeo Saule, the cafe of Skriveri Home-made Ice-cream, the Two Sisters’ Kitchen, the smithy of the blacksmith A.Grinbergs, and take a horse-ride in a cart at “Sarmite’s Horse-stables”.