Display of paintings by Vigeo Saule

At 10, Kastanu Street, Skriveri, there is an opportunity to visit an exhibition of paintings by Vigeo Saule- a painter, graphic artist, art pedagogue and member of the association of American Latvian artists. The paintings are displayed in the garden created with the help of the artist so the exhibition can only be seen on sunny days with no rain (negotiating on the telephone or with the Skriveri Tourism Centre in advance).

Briefly about the artist:

Vigeo Saule was born in a doctors’ family in Riga, 1932. In 1944, with the flux of World War II refugees he went to Germany, but in 1948, his family immigrated to Venezuela, where he started studying at Art Academy in Caracas. In 1958, he moved to the USA and enrolled at New York City College which he graduated with Master degree in 1967. He worked as an art professor at Barucha College until retirement. Beside the job at the college, he was also painting intensely and participated in international exhibitions in both continents of America as well as Europe and Latvia.

In 2000, he returned to Latvia and spent 6 months a year in Skriveri until he moved to Skriveri for permanent life in 2007. He died on April 10, 2014, and was buried in Saules Cemetery in Skriveri.

“The style of V.Saule is rooted in expressionism… Although he used oil techniques, his favourite means of expression were watercolour and print art pictorial monotyping. People’s faces, bird and animal world and landscape were all close themes to the artist.”(E.Sturma)

Telephone: 29187066