Cross-country skiing options in Skriveri

The skiing trends change. Skiers get on the skis for cross-country skiing; skiing tracks are being made all across Latvian districts. On beautiful snowy days, there are also skiers in Skriveri, who ski along their own tracks- stadium, Bundze, Satekas. The passionate will also find snow at deep thaw, and that won’t be somewhere in Aluksne Highlands, but right here- at Bundze or Memorial Grove preserved by northern winds.

Skriveri agglomeration is formed by local centres such as Saimniecība, Station, Institute and Klidzina. There is a joint route for skiers in Skriveri starting from Bundze to Institute, to Ravens’ Stone. Dendrological Park is also a perfect site for skiing and observing the nature.


Bundze Circle

Approaching Bundze from the direction of Divaja- Osu Street, the skier is welcomed by the notice of the Ware Eye of the Village informing about skiing opportunities as well as the scheme of the skiing route. The special value of the route is the high moor biotope where there are withering moor pines, wild rosemary and heather spread. The route has neither slopes nor up-hills. Skiing out of Bundze, you can get back to the entrance or continue across the field going up to the 81,3-metre Klaucenu Hill. Opposite the Lici railwaymen hut at the old railroad crossing, the skier can head for the direction of The Grey Hare’s forest just across the field where they can take a turn to Skriveri or Satekas.

Following the Grey Hare’s trace to Satekas

Starting at Skriveri railway station skiers reach the stadium of Skriveri Secondary School. They warm up and get acquainted to the scheme of the skiing route placed at the hammer throw defence wall. From here, they can ski up to the junction of Tilta Street and Reinholda Street, but it would be wiser to do this 300-metre distance walking, but further on passing the Grey Hare’s wood they can ski cross the snowy fields on skis to Bundze or Satekas, or choose the Ercu Hill pine wood. The route from the Ercu Hill pines has neither slopes nor up-hills, apart from the dell of the Maizite River just opposite the „Skriveri Sweets” factory (former Raudas pub). You can finish the route at the Ercu Hill pines and head for home or take a turn to continue to Satekas.

Be aware! The Ercu Hill slope brings the skier to the Brasla dell, which is separated from the Maizite River by Kumeļkalns. According to the plan, skiers can proceed in the direction of the Daugava Street and kalna Street junction or turn to Satekas.

The old road of the parish station and Satekas

To reach Satekas, you can either follow the route of the Grey Hare’s trace or get there by car. The vehicle is supposed to be parked on the concrete-constructed ground opposite the Metenu Hill, where you can find the scheme of the skiing route. The track leads along the junction of the Brasla River and the Maizite River (Satekas) and the pedestrian bridge, while crossing it you can return to Skriveri, but skiing further on you can reach the picnic site of Satekas. Moving on, you can proceed to the old road of the parish station, which leads you to the Skrivery Food Factory, which can be either the starting or finishing point of the route, as there is a parking space as well as the dose of energy provided by the milk candy „Gotina”.

From the old road of the parish station between Satekas and Daugava Street skiers can reach the northern top of the Metenu Hill, which is an impressively scenic geomorphologic creation of the nature, and enjoy its majesty from various perspectives while skiing around it.

To the Ravens’ Stone

Skiers can approach the Ravens’ Stone, taking a turn from the old road of the parish station. The route takes the skier to the top of the Metenu Hill which views the landscape of the Daugava River and Klidzina. If you are brave enough to go down the slope, you can visit Klidzina for a lunch break. There the route curves backwards to the Institute- along the motorway until the Green Land Market square. You can also choose to go to the Memorial Bosk from the Metenu Hill and enjoy the hilly tracks with slopes and ups. Skiers, who take the track along the motorway, will reach the Ravens’ Stone, which means there is only 200-metre distance to the Institute, and move along J.Purapuke Street in the direction of Pulkstenupite River, then take a turn to the Saule Cemetery, where there is a parking place for the car by the chapel, and there is a choice of 3 routes to take- either go to the Metenu Hill along the Memorial Bosk,or go down to the Maizite River of Pulkstenupite River valleys, and following the notices skiers can either approach Skriveri or Satekas.

Other alternatives

Those cross-country skiing alternatives mentioned above are not yet all. Still, there are choices such as Aizkraukle castle-mound, Palatu fields, and the fields of Mentes Hill, Lici direction, or taking the train from Muldakmens or Dendrarijs Station back to Skriveri.

The schemes of skiing routes–