Aizkraukle Evangelical Lutheran Church

It is located on the border with Aizkraukle County. The church is an architectural monument of the republic significance. The masonry church was built in 1668, and after its reconstruction the building acquired classic gothic elements- up-warded window boxes and a pointed tower.

Stories tell that in spring, 1943, a German plane hit the church tower, slanted it and knocked down the cross.

The church hosts a unique altarpiece by A.Annuss „Lord, help us, we are sinking!” (1943,his last artwork before emigration). There is still the bell in the church made in Liepaja Wire Factory in 1935. You can see a memorial plaque for Jorgis Zemitans, the General-in-chief Colonel of the Army of Northern Latvia, who was born in Skriveri, 1873.

The visit to the church can be booked on 26593956.