A.Upits’s memorial house and garden

Address: 58 Daugava Street, Skrīveri, Skrīveri county.
Book an excursion on 29496725.
Working time:  Tuesday-Saturday 10.00 a.m.- 5.00 p.m.,  Sunday, Monday and the last day of the month- day off. The museum is open from May to October.

The first house, which was constructed according to A.Upits’s own plan and drawings in 1908-1909, was burnt by German army in 1917. The construction of the current building was started in 1921 and was finished in a  2-3-year period of time. The writer lived in the house from 1908 to 1915, and from 1922 to 1940, he only spent summers there. After the writer’s death in 1970, the branch of A.Upits’s memorial museum was run in the building. The museum is surrounded by a garden growing such trees as the writer’s beloved ash tree, red-leaf maple, walnut, oaks and other trees planted by the writer himself.

The excursion offers the regular exposition, a display „On the Cart with Mr.Brivins” and a tour in A.Upits’s garden.

The museum educational program at A.Upits’s memorial house

A.Upits’s memorial house at 58, Daugava Street, Skriveri, provides an orientation game „Know the trees in A.Upits’s garden” for school children from grades 4-9.

6 teams can operate at a time. The lesson takes place in the garden and consists of 3 stages:

  1. Teams solve a crossword ( all answers have been included in the guide’s narration during the museum tour)
  2. Teams equipped with a map and a worksheet enter the museum park to look for 15 trees
  3. Teams have to organise separate extracts to make sentences about trees by A.Upits

The museum education program provides an opportunity for school children to learn about the writer’s personality and his rich, figurative and imaginative language, to feel the writer’s passion for trees as well as engage in open-air activities.